Never Let Your Daughter Date an Alien es una canción de Revenge of the Old Queen, una producción fallida que pretendía ser una secuela directa a The Rocky Horror Picture Show. La letra fue escrita por Richard O'Brien, pero la canción nunca fue grabada ya que el proyecto quedó como un simple guión cinematográfico, el cual fue escrito en 1988 y puede encontrarse en internet.


La letra fue tomada directamente del guión

Creeping Horror From The Eerie Depths Of Time And Space

Comensal adulto mayor:
Heaping Horror On The Fairer Sex Of A Finite Race

They Want Our Land
They Want Our Air
The Rio Grande
Our Savoir Faire
Our Casual Wear
Our Simple Flair
Our Solitaire
Our Medicare

Our Tableware

So ...
Never Trust A Creature From Outer Space
We've Never Met A Good One Yet
They Just Thrust Their Evil Features All About The Place
And That's About As Good As They Get

No ...
Never Let Your Daughter Date An Alien
You Never Know Just Where They've Been
A Worse Than Death Sort Of Fate With A Scaley One
Could Even Turn Your Family Green

And We Don't Mean With Envy
So Don't Tell Us That They're Friendly

Comensal adulto mayor:
Never Take The Word Of A Man From Mars
Don't Go Falling For His Eulogies
You'd Think We'd Never Heard Of Their Absurd Boudoirs
And We'd Just Fallen Out Of The Trees

2 comensales:
It's Terrifying Getting Tactile
With A Martian Pterodactyl

4 comensales:
You Get No Sympathetic Touches
Once They Get You In Their Clutches

For Every Now And Then You
Are Gonna Wind Up As The Menu

No ... No ... No ... No ...
Never Let Your Daughter Date An Alien
It's A Warning No-One Should Reject
They Only Contemplate The Bacchanalian
And In The Morning They' Got No Respect

2 comensales:
Let's Get Globally Alerted
Because They're Totally Perverted

Yes, They'll Get Us All Disrobing
And Then They'll Start This Probing

Then Degraded And Persuaded
We'll Have Every Space Invaded

So If You're A Great Supporter Of Mammalian

You'll Never Let Your Daughter Date An Alien.


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