"Once In a While" es una canción de las producciones teatrales y cinematográficas de The Rocky Horror Show desde 1973 hasta la fecha. La música y letra fueron compuestas por Richard O'Brien con arreglos originales de Richard Hartley. Aunque la canción y la escena fueron grabadas, esta escena fue eliminada de la película de 1975.

Letra (1974, Roxy)

Once in a while she don't want to call you
Speaking on the telephone
And once in your life she don't want to know you

Brad (compañía):
(Uh-uh-uh) You look around
(Uh-uh-uh) the one you found
She is gone (Uh-uh-ah)

And that's all the time (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)
That it takes (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)
(Shuru-shu-shuru-shu) For a heart to turn to stone (Shuru, turn to stone)
The sweeter the wine (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)
The harder to make the break (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)

(Uh-uh-uh) You hear something
(Uh-uh-uh) About someone
You thought you'd known (Uh-uh-ah)

Brad y Janet:
So baby don't cry like there's no tomorrow
After the night there's brand new day
And there'll be no pain and no more sorrow

Brad y Janet (compañía):
(Uh-uh-uh So wash your face
(Uh-uh-uh And phone my place
It'll be okay (Uh-uh-ah)

Brad (compañía):
And that's all the time (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu) (La-la-la-la)
That it takes (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu) (La-la-la-la)
(Shuru-shu-shuru-shu) For a heart to beat again (Shuru, beat again)
So give me a sign (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)
That a lover makes (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)

(Uh-uh-uh) You look around
(Uh-uh-uh) The one you found
Is back again (Uh-uh-ah)

Brad y Janet (compañía):
So baby don't cry (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)
Like there's no tomorrow (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)
(Shuru-shu-shuru-shu) After the night there's brand new day (Shuru, brand new day)
And there'll be no pain (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)
And no more sorrow (Shuru-shu-shuru-shu)
(Shuru-shu-shuru-shu) So wash your face and phone my place
(Shuru-shu-shuru-shu) It'll be okay (It'll be okay)

Diferencias con otras versiones

  • Aunque fue eliminada de la película, la escena salió en extras de DVD. La canción aquí es cantada sólo por Brad sin la compañía, además de que termina en "The one you found, is back again".


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