Short End of the Stick es una canción de Revenge of the Old Queen, una producción fallida que pretendía ser una secuela directa a The Rocky Horror Picture Show. La letra fue escrita por Richard O'Brien, pero la canción nunca fue grabada ya que el proyecto quedó como un simple guión cinematográfico, el cual fue escrito en 1988 y puede encontrarse en internet.


La letra fue tomada directamente del guión

Riff Raff:
There's something going down
over something that's come up
so I'd better go into remote
because they're always at my throat

Trying to make their story stick
I was born to join the gentry
Born to have the horn of plenty
But the thing that makes me sick
Is I always get the short-end of the stick

Someone's holding court
Or something of that sort
And the questions will be coming fast and thick
So i'd better take the stand
With some aces in my hand

Or there'll be trouble that's as subtle as a brick
I was born to rule, not follow
There are things that i can't swallow
But the thing that makes me sick
Is, I always get the short end of the stick.

Drunk with power, they skip with joy
Hour by hour I'm their whipping boy
They're so sadistic they'll steal your lipstick
And tell you that you're masochistic
I get no thrills on bitter pills they make me sick

And I always get the short end of the stick.

Compañía (Riff Raff):
He was born to join the gentry
(Born to have the horn of plenty)
He was born to rule not follow
(There are things i just can't swallow)
But the thing that really makes him sick
(Is, I always get the short end of the stick)

Riff Raff:
Someone has to lose so that someone else can win
It's a chronic tragicomic kind of trick
If I had a bit of sense
I'd just sit here on the fence

And pretend to be an empty headed hick
But I was born to be the victim
Born a pawn without the system
That's the thing that makes me sick

Yes, I always get the short end of the stick.


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