Ansalong is a floozy nurse on DTV's "Dentonvale". She is a character in Shock Treatment portrayed by Little Nell.


Shock Treatment

Nurse Ansalong works for Doctors Cosmo and Nation McKinley on "Dentonvale" a soap opera that centers around a mental hospital. Ansalong takes Brad Majors to the Terminal Ward, and tells his wife Janet not to sign the contract for his permanent treatment until the next day.

After Janet is recruited by the McKinleys to be the face of "Faith Factory", Ansalong is ordered to make her a bed for the night ("Lullaby"). In reality, Farley is obsessed with Janet and plans on kicking Brad out of the picture so he can seduce her during the "Faith Factory" premier.

While visiting Brad in the Terminal Ward, Janet's parents question the McKinleys, and the rest of the Dentonvale staff, including Ansalong, on how they can help him. The staff of Dentonvale demonstrate their abilities by "curing" the blindness of Bert Schnick ("Shock Treatment").

As the premier of "Faith Factory" comes closer, Ansalong, Ricky, the McKinleys, Ralph Hapschatt, Macy Struthers, and the Weisses embrace their new TV roles by dressing up in white doctor and nurse uniforms and singing about their new images ("Look What I Did to My Id").

Ansalong sings to Brad.

During the "Faith Factory" premier, Ansalong, along with the rest of the Dentonvale staff, watches as Brad, Betty, and Judge Wright crash through the set wall disrupting the entire premier, Brad confronting his brother Farley ("Duel Duet"), Janet snapping back to her own reality and getting shunned from the stage with the others, and Macy Struthers replacing Janet as "Miss Mental Health". After the show interrupters flee the studio ("Anyhow, Anyhow"), Ansalong, the rest of Dentonvales staff, and Farley celebrate after committing the entire DTV studio audience to the Terminal Ward at "Dentonvale" as part of the psychological program of "Faith Factory" ("Denton U.S.A. reprise").


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