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Betty Hapschatt (née Munroe) is a minor character protrayed by Hilary Labow in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a major character portrayed by Ruby Wax in its sequel Shock Treatment. In the 2015 stage production of Shock Treatment, Betty is portrayed by Rosanna Hyland.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

After meeting in a college refresher class taught by Dr. Scott, Betty Munroe marries Ralph Hapschatt in a Episcopalian church in Denton, U.S.A. Her friend Janet Weiss was her maid of honor and bouquet catcher.

Shock Treatment

Betty, now divorced with Ralph, is a news anchor of the Denton TV news show "Denton Dossier". Having Judge Oliver Wright as the day's guest star, the two question the town's anthem, taking note of the songs use of monetary inducements, extortion, seduction, blackmail, prejudice, and lies. After the show however, she is fired and replaced by her ex-husband Ralph and his girlfriend Macy Struthers.

Along with Oliver, Betty decides to start an investigation on the authenticity of Denton TV. While researching, they discover that Bert Schnick isn't as blind as he says, and by looking through the records on the computer, they discover that the McKinleys aren't real doctors, but actually character actors; meaning that "Dentonvale" isn't a real mental hospital. They also discover that Farley Flavors is actually Brad's twin brother and bent on revenge.

By disguising themselves as doctors to sneak into "Dentonvale", they successfully unlock Brad's holding cell and free him. They inform Brad of the truth about Farley and tell him of Farley's plan for revenge. After leaving Dentonvale, they all immediately rush to the set of "Faith Factory" to confront Farley.

Betty, along with Oliver and Brad break through the "Faith Factory" set wall and confront Farley and his schemes ("Duel Duet"). However, Farley has them, along with Janet, shunned from the stage and jailed. They later escape by hot wiring the car given to Janet on the show and forever leave Denton ("Anyhow Anyhow") while all of it's citizens are put into straight jackets and committed to "Dentonvale" as part of the psychological program of "Faith Factory". In the end, Betty and Oliver get together.


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