Hot Patootie, bless my soul.

"Eddie" is a character from the musical productions of The Rocky Horror Show since 1973, from the 1975 movie, from the 2015 tribute production celebrating 40 years, from the 2016 reimagining movie, and from the never made sequels Rocky Horror Shows His Heels and Rocky Horror: The Second Coming.


Eddie has solos in:


  • Columbia is his girlfriend up until his death. She is presumably the girl he sings about in his song "Hot Patootie."
  • He was kidnapped by Frank by unknown means because he was attracted to him. It is unknown if they ever really had a physical relationship.
    • Frank gets mad at Eddie because he takes the attention of Columbia, Frank's groupie that leaves Frank for Eddie. They begin a romantic and physical relationship. After Frank finds out, he cuts out half of Eddie's brain to make Rocky in hope that he can make a man that actually likes him.
  • He is not in the musical for very long, but he repetitively mentioned through out the whole production, even before he is introduced.
    • Columbia sings about him in "Time Warp".
    • Dr. Scott says that he came looking for him after receiving a letter.
    • He is mention by Frank after he turns Brad, Janet and Dr. Scott in to stone.
    • Frank implies that he may be the meat at dinner, although its never explicitly stated.
    • His body is hidden under the table and is revealed after "Eddie's Teddy"
    • She sings about him in "Rose Tints My World" in "that the only thing that gives me hope is my love of a certain dope" (Eddie)
  • If you read the letter Eddie wrote to Dr. Scott, you can see that he spelled head wrong as hed.
  • He is the partial brain donor of Rocky.
  • Eddie and Columbia are the only humans in the castle before Brad and Janet show up.
  • He and his girlfriend, Columbia are the only humans that die through out the whole movie.


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