Judy Judy Judy is a song from Revenge of the Old Queen, a never-made sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was composed by Richard O'Brien and never released (not even as a demo).


The lyrics were taken from the the script.

Steve Majors:
She Stood Quite A Good Five Foot Seven
A Caucasian To Praise And Inspire
Peaches And Cream
An American Dream
Built More To Adore Than Admire

She Was The Real Mccoy
Nothing Like A Boy
Veritably Natural
Actually Factual
Genuinely Feminine
Conclude That She's A Cutie
Who'd Stick With You Through Thick And Think
My Judy Judy

She Had Legs That Went Right Up To Heaven
And Hair The Colour Of Fire
The Slimmest Of Hips
Irresistible Lips
And Unquenchable Sexual Desire

God Went And Broke The Mould
When This Centre-Fold
Lost Her Childhood Awkwardness
And Blossomed Into Loveliness
Think Of How Our Life Could Be
Include The Tootie Fruity
I Think That She's The Wife For Me
My Judy Judy


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