Little Old Heart Stopping Me is a song from Revenge of the Old Queen, a never-made sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was composed by Richard O'Brien and never released (not even as a demo).


The lyrics were taken from the the script.

Sonny Ammbo:
This Is A Brand New Beginning
Yes, This Time You're Going To Be Free
To Kneel At The Alter
And Feel Yourself Falter

Seduced By The Beauty You See
And The Hymn To The Him You'll Be Singing
Will Unlock In Its Doxology
That Above All Your New Joy
You Love A New Boy
Yes, Little Old Heart Stopping Me

To Bump And Grind To Strut My Stuff
And You're Going To Find You Can't Get Enough
Of What I've Got
And I've Got A Lot

Of So Much Cool
That I'm Red Hot
Let Me Tell You Who's The Star To Set You Free
Yes, Little Old Heart Stopping Me

Some Dame Was Named
After Heaven's Queen
A Fake Prince Claimed
He Was A Sex Machine

So Save Your Time And Your Loyalty
Remember I'm True Royalty
If You're Thinking Who's The King Of Ecstasy
It's, Little Old Heart Stopping Me

You're More Than A King
You're Our Everything
The True Blue Messiah
Of Our New Desire

Our Mojo Our Fetish
Who's Oh So Coquettish
Our Gymnastic Venus
With The Dynastic Genus

And We Can't Get Enough Of It
Can't Get Enough Of It

I'll Give You What You Need
I'm Holding Nothing Back
Until I Hear You Plead
For A Heart Attack

I'll Be Your Sugar Plum
Until It's Your Death Day
And Then I'm Gonna Come
And Take Your Breath Away
Who Gives His Whole Un-Charted Soul To Thee?

Yes, Little Old Heart Stopping Me.
It's Little Old Heart Stopping Me.


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