Macy Struthers is the vivacious co-host to Ralph Hapschatt. She is a character in Shock Treatment portrayed by Wendy Raebeck.


Shock Treatment

After Farley Flavors takes over control of DTV, Macy and her boyfriend Ralph Hapschatt replace Betty Munroe as the news anchors of DTV's "Denton Dossier".

Macy and Ralph

As the premier of "Faith Factory" comes closer, she is seen with Ralph, The Mckinley's, Ricky, Ansalong, and the Weisses as they embrace their new TV roles on "Faith Factory" by dressing up in white doctor and nurse uniforms and singing about their new images ("Look What I Did To My Id").

During the "Faith Factory" premier, Macy, along with Ralph, watches as Brad, Betty, and Judge Wright crash through the set wall disrupting the entire premier, Brad confronting his brother Farley ("Duel Duet"), and Janet snapping back to her own reality and fleeing the studio. Farley has Macy replace Janet as "Miss Mental Health" and everyone goes to "Dentonvale" for psychological examinations.


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