"The Rocky Horror Show: Original Roxy Cast" is the soundtrack of The Rocky Horror Show in 1974, the first version made in the United States (Los Angeles). Like London Cast Recording, it is one of the most important soundtracks, because this is where the producer and the director who later created the film a year later came out.

The lead singers include Tim Curry, Meat Loaf, Jamie Donnelly, Boni Enten, Abigale Haness, Alan Martin, Kim Milford, Bill Miller, Susan Morse, John Mark Robinson, Bruce Scott, Graham Jarvis and the company harmonizing in each background of the songs The tracks include more piano sound than other versions.

Since most of the performers of this version are the same as the cast on Broadway in 1975, this album is also considered the soundtrack of its version on Broadway a year later as the rhythms of music and most of its performers are the same. This album is also very important because the musicalization crossed borders around the world and the first versions of Rocky Horror in many countries contain the musical arrangements of this album and not the 1973 original or the film arrangements.


Musical Crew

  • Richard O'Brien - Music and Lyrics
  • Lou Adler - Producer
  • John Beug - Associate Producer
  • Abe Jacob - Sound Design
  • Hank Cicalo - Engineer
  • Milt Calice - Assistant Engineer
  • Michael English - Cover Illustration
  • Richard Fegley - Photography
  • D'Vaughn E. Pershing - Musical Director
  • David Foster - Keyboards
  • Larry Knechtel - Keyboards
  • Danny Kortchmar - Guitar
  • Hal Blaine - Drums
  • Gary Coleman - Percussion
  • James R. - Horn
  • Trevor Lawrence - Horn
  • Steve Madaio - Horn
  • Joe Osborn - Bass
  • Dean Parks - Guitar
  • Thomas J. Tedesco - Guitar

List of songs

Missing Songs


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