Shock Treatment (Original Soundtrack) is the original soundtrack to the 1981 film Shock Treatment by Richard O'Brien. A parallel movie to The Rocky Horror Picture Show as the events of that film are non-canon in Shock Treatment.

The album was produced by Richard Hartley (who also wrote, arranged, and directed the music in addition to playing keyboards). All songs from the movie are included, other than a Richard O'Brien solo version of the title track that is played during the end credits which was released separately as a 7" single instead.

The end of the "Denton, U.S.A." track additionally includes complete dialogue for the Farley Flavors' Fabulous Fast Foods commercial, and the "Breaking Out" track also has dialogue for the intro to Brad and Farley's "Duel Duet". The soundtrack includes longer versions of "Thank God I'm a Man" (re-including an omitted verse by Harry Weiss) and "Carte Blanche" (the song playing over the background speakers while Janet is in the dressing room).

Several songs from the film were originally written for Rocky Horror Shows His Heels, a never-made sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The songs were rewritten for the never-made The Brad and Janet Show and once again for Shock Treatment. Some of these songs also appeared in the 2015 musical Shock Treatment: The Musical.


  • Recorded at Regents Park Recording Studios, London
  • Recorded and mixed by Phil Chapman
  • Musical arrangements and direction by Richard Hartley
  • Album produced by Richard Hartley
  • Album Design: Willardson and White
  • Art Direction: Ode Visuals
  • Bass Guitar: Dave Wintour
  • Guitars: Mark Hayden and Hugh Burns
  • Drums: Leslie Morgan
  • Keyboards: Michael Weaver and Richard Hartley
  • Brass Section: Geoff Daley, Mike Davis, Martin Drover, Chris Pyne, Steve Rye, Ray Warleigh, Jim Wilson

List of songs

1. Overture
2. Denton, U.S.A.
3. Bitchin' In The Kitchen
4. In My Own Way
5. Thank God I'm a Man
6. Farley's Song
7. Lullaby
8. Little Black Dress
9. Me Of Me
10. Shock Treatment
11. Carte Blanche
12 Looking For Trade
13. Look What I Did To My Id
14 Breaking Out
15. Duel Duet
16. Anyhow, Anyhow


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