Sweet on the Street is an unfinished song from Revenge of the Old Queen, a never-made sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was composed by Richard O'Brien and never released (not even as a demo).


The lyrics were taken from the the script.

Life is sweet on the street
when you're turning on the heat
and burning for some indiscreet dementia
an episode in the road

Can cause you to explode
and then say 'well i'm blowed! Has heaven sent yah?'
it maybe hard when you've starred
to a hateful boulevard

To disregard the detrimental censure
just skip and post have a laugh
flip those foes your autograph
as you trip the primrose path
to fresh adventure.

If you tic tack down the track
and run smack into a pack
of guys with some wise-crack and no abstentions
to remain up in that lane

Can be really quite a strain
but they'll be right as rain with your attentions
a hairy male on the trail
is a kind of fairy tale

Reminding you're frail with his dimensions
so hiss and spit
kiss and tell
and remember this bit well
that they paved the road to hell
with good intentions.

Let me say, should you stray
down that feted great white way
still praying for the day you play the palais
flout your pride and stay outside
don't get taken for a ride

Forget it not that you're a hot tamale
hock your jock, shock in a frock
get them rocking round the block
a frilly really makes them dilly dally

Yes i repeat, it's a treat
when you've risen from defeat
To find the rhythm of the street's
right up your alley.


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