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Thank God I'm a Man is a song from the film Shock Treatment, with lyrics and music by Richard O'Brien and Richard Hartley, released in 1981 on the film album.

Several songs from the film were originally written for Rocky Horror Shows His Heels, a never-made sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The songs were rewritten for the never-made The Brad and Janet Show and once again for Shock Treatment. Some of these songs also appeared in the 2015 musical Shock Treatment: The Musical.


Harry Weiss:
A man should call the toss
Wear the pants, and be the boss
A man should be the drink
For his own damn sake
And men should the misters
And the masters of their sisters
A man should be the reason
For a heart to break
A man should cut the lawn
Change the tire, mend the worn
A man should never wait
To oil a rusting gate
Men should hold the key positions
In our country's great traditions
A man should put the food
Upon the family plate

3 USMC in the audience:
So, be moral
Don't quarrel
Fair and square is best

3 ladies in the audience:
Let me alert you
That virtue won't hurt you
Or desert you

3 men in the audience:
If you wear hair on your chest

All DTV studio audience:
So always remember to follow the rules

3 USMC in the audience:
Box clever

3 men in the audience:
And jocks never

Hock another jock's tools

A man should wax a car
Fix a fuse, and tend the bar
A man should like his brow
To be wet with sweat

Men should know the right occasions
To indulge in tax evasions
A man should know the settings
That his spark plugs get

Faggots are maggots
Thank God I'm a man


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