To the late-night, double feature picture show.

"The Usherette" is a character from the musical "The Rocky Horror Show" and subsequent productions since 1973, and the reimagining movie of 2016. Originally called "Miss Strawberry Time" because of her basket, "Trixie" in the 1974 american production in the Roxy, and "The Belasco Popcorn Girl" in the 1975 Broadway production at the Belasco Theater.

This character was deleted from the 1975 movie because creator Richard O'Brien wanted that sequence with scenes of the movies referenced in "Science Fiction / Double Feature". Patricia Quinn threatened to leave if the role was taken away from her because of the lack of dialogue and participation of Magenta, another character played by Quinn. In a final agreement, her lips were filmed lip syncing "Science Fiction / Double Feature", but O'Brien was the one singing.

This character was played originally by Patricia Quinn in 1973, by Jamie Donnelly in the first american production (Roxy) in 1974, and the Broadway production of 1975, by Jayde Westaby in the movie of the live production in 2015, and by Ivy Levan in the 2016 reimagining movie.


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