"The Rocky Horror Show - The Whole Gory Story" it's the recording from the 1990 production of The Rocky Horror Show that took place at the Piccadilly Theatre. It was the first West End revival of the show since its original run had finally closed at the Comedy Theatre (an 800-seat venue) in 1980. This production was the first by the newly created Rocky Horror Company, formed by producers Howard Panter and Christopher Malcolm (who originated the role of Brad Majors on stage in London) together with author Richard O'Brien. According to an interview with Chris Malcolm, the original producer Michael White had let his option on first-class productions of The Rocky Horror Show lapse in 1984. Michael White has since said that this was the biggest business mistake of his life.

This cast album's primary marketing angle was that it was the first studio recording of the entire Rocky Horror Show including dialogue (hence "The Whole Gory Story"). The 1980 German Cast recording was the first to include some dialogue, but it was recorded live and to keep the length down many of the actual songs were presented in abbreviated form (i.e. one verse, the chorus, and done). No such compromises were made here. Original Rocky Horror creative team member Richard Hartley also contributes to this recording, producing and arranging all of the musical numbers.


  • Musical Director and Pianos - Dave Brown
  • Synthesisers - Chris Parren
  • Tenor Saxophone - Geoff Driscoll
  • Drums - Clem Cattini
  • Electric/Acoustic Guitars - Derek Griffiths
  • Bass Guitar - Alan Ross
  • Musical arrangements - Richard Hartley
  • Dialogue direction - Robin Lefevre
  • Engineering - Phil Chapman
  • Additional sound engineering - John Leonard
  • Graphic design - Shaun Webb
  • Music publication - Druidcrest Ltd.
  • Image design - Shaun Webb
  • Illustration and coloring - John Higgins and Roy Foy
  • Voices: Adrian Edmondson, Tim McInnerny, Gina Bellman, Mary Maddox, Linda Davidson, Jonathan Adams, Edward Tudor-Pole, Gordon Kennedy, Adam Caine, Zalie Burrow, Ian Good, Kate O'Sullivan, Paul Reeves, and Stephen Thiebault.

List of songs

All tracks written by Richard O'Brien.

1990 London Cast
# Title:Artist(s): Length:
1. "Science Fiction / Double Feature"  Mary Maddox 3:53
2. "Dammit, Janet"  Adrian Edmondson & Gina Bellman 4:04
3. "Over At the Frankenstein Place"  Adrian Edmondson, Gina Bellman & Edward Tudor-Pole 5:49
4. "The Time Warp"  Edward Tudor-Pole, Mary Maddox, Linda Davidson & Jonathan Adams 3:59
5. "Sweet Transvestite"  Tim McInnerny 6:51
6. "Rocky's Birth / The Sword of Damocles"  Adam Caine 3:39
7. "I Can Make You a Man"  Tim McInnerny 1:39
8. "Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul"  Gordon Kennedy 2:19
9. "I Can Make You a Man (Reprise)"  Tim McInnerny 8:23
10. "Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A, Touch Me"  Gina Bellman 3:19
11. "Once In a While"  Adrian Edmondson 6:42
12. "Eddie's Teddy"  Gordon Kennedy 3:18
13. "Planet Schmanet"  Tim McInnerny 6:18
14. "Rose Tint My World"  Linda Davidson, Adam Caine, Adrian Edmondson & Gina Bellman 2:36
15. "Fanfare/Don't Dream It"  Tim McInnerny 3:14
16. "Wild and Untamed Thing"  Tim McInnerny & Edward Tudor-Pole 1:37
17. "I'm Going Home"  Tim McInnerny 7:16
18. "Superheroes"  Adrian Edmondson & Gina Bellman 2:32
19. "Science Fiction / Double Feature (Reprise)"  Mary Maddox 1:13



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