Issacmcn Issacmcn 9 November 2020

Using UCP a week later

It's been more than ten days since our site was updated to the Unified Community Platform (UCP) and we have solved most of the problems that we initially had. It was difficult to get the Discord server administrator to help us with the widget, but we now get the invitation button to the server to appear. I clarify that this widget is not to my liking and I prefer the previous one, but apparently it simply does not work on this new platform, so I will have to get used to this new widget.

Finally we were able to solve the problem of the buttons since they all appeared with the default color of the site, red, but we were able to change the social buttons that appear on the main page for their respective colors (different shades of blue), now v…

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Issacmcn Issacmcn 2 November 2020

The UCP is here for our wiki

Our wiki has officially migrated to the new UCP (MediaWiki 1.33) from our previous format (MediaWiki 1.19) and we have mixed feelings about it.

There are some things, the majority thankfully, that still works on the new UCP and the good news is that all of our templates used on articles work just fine. There was no need to change anything or the panic about, everything on our articles keeps working with this new UCP.

Also, the Main Page was not very affected. There was some templates that needed some rework but after doing so they now work just fine.

All of our CSS went to hell, basically. But the majority of it was to have "fandomized" style on our previous format; same style that now comes naturaly with the UCP so that's okay. Some other th…

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Issacmcn Issacmcn 27 October 2020

Our wiki 12 years later

A lot of things happened the last 12 years, a lot of users collaborated to this wiki and we got bigger every time. I remember I arrived to this wiki on May 2014 and started changing lots of things around. As english is not my first language, I decided to leave and start my own Rocky Horror Wiki in spanish and I have to say I'm really proud of what I accomplished there. Nonetheless, only 50-70 people visited the site everyday so eventually I take the decision to come back to the english wiki. 

As my spanish wiki was very complete, the first process was to translate everything to english to have this wiki very complete as well. With hard work I got the bureaucrat and admin position by Fandom and then my work just started to get better every t…

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Issacmcn Issacmcn 16 October 2017

Work in progress

Thank you all for how this wiki has been working!
--Issac Carrillo Negrete (talk) 02:12, October 16, 2017 (UTC)

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